What is the Land UnConference?

A Grassroots, Community-Building Conference / Mastermind Event

Where you’ll get new ideas & support to skyrocket your success in…

  • Drastically Improving Your Marketing
  • Discovering New Ways To Find Acquisitions
  • Becoming a Better Leader
  • Managing Your Team
  • Setting Up New Processes

You’re invited to join us for knowledge-sharing, problem-tackling, and relationship-building with a community of like-minded people!

Why Attend The Land UnConference?

To immerse yourself in an environment where

it’s ok to ask, share, and feel the realities in

our businesses.

Join us in a room full of land investors, where we’ll…

  • Build our businesses
  • Form quality relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Support each other with ideas, solutions, & a positive, growth mindset
  • Get educated on topics from bookkeeping to marketing to advanced investment strategies 
  • Have fun & stay motivated!

Who Should Attend?

Established land investors who earn $100k or more in revenue/year 

who want to breathe life into their businesses.

This is for you, if you...


Want to Grow & Build

Your Business


Have a Challenge You’d

Like Help Tackling


Like to Learn &

Have Fun

This isn't for:

Land Investing


Pushy, One-Sided

Sales Pitches

Slinking Into a Corner

(Introverts are welcome! But we

still need you to participate)

Apply Today!

Testimonials From Previous Attendees

“It’s fun to build lifelong relationships and be a part of a group that helps people flourish.”

Dave Ayres

“Attending the conference with other land investors increased my numbers more than I want to admit!”

Ajay Sharma

“Even after the conference, I have a group of people who has my back — at all times.”

Yasir Lillingston


Designed for business breakthroughs, overcoming hurdles, 

and a surge of motivation to get YOUR business to the next level.

Day 1

Education (& a side of fun!)


Keynote speaker/expert presentations from industry partners on topics like bookkeeping, SMS marketing, SEO, tax liens, subdividing, and more.


The group will be divided into mastermind groups according to business size, where you’ll choose your adventure! 


Enjoy the moment & the company! Join us for a casual, optional fun activity: we’ll toast each other on a sunset cruise down Lake Minnetonka. 

Day 2

Breakout Sessions: Deep Dives in Mastermind Groups

Morning: Hot Seats

Bring a problem, challenge, or question in your business and get personalized advice/solutions from your breakout group.


Strategy, tip, & tactic sharing — based on business goals.




Take advantage of an additional opportunity to network over dinner with remaining attendees.

“If I can only go to one conference a year,

this is the one I will choose.”

Andy Rouse, Previous Attendee

Meet Your Host:
Dave Denniston

I’m a land investor — just like you — who wants to create a spirit of community.

When land investors get in a room and put our heads together to share best practices, education, and solve problems — magic happens. 

The energy is indescribable! 

I started land investing in 2017, and since then, I’ve grown my business to over $1M/year. Along the way, I’ve met other experts who have so much value to bring to other land investors (our keynote speakers). I’ve developed strategies, tips, and tricks that will give you an edge over the competition and made mistakes that I’ll share with you to ensure you don’t make the same ones.

The Land UnConference is designed to provide value to attendees. From information sharing to problem-solving, I want you to be a part of the land investment magic we’ll create in May 2023. 

You’re invited to apply to join us for the Land UnConference, here.

Why This, Why Now:

Land UnConference Details

What You Can Expect:

Great interactions with like-minded investors on similar journeys and people from different walks of life.

Work on macro and micro levels. Group education and information sharing and intimate connections with smaller groups.

A comfortable, casual environment. As entrepreneurs & business owners, we’re used to networking. Remember to help each other — the group has your back.

Don't Expect:

Pitching/sales of any kind. We’re here for camaraderie and community — not to sell you anything. (Promise!)

Big Egos. Those can be left at the door. It ain't about you! We only want people to attend who are genuine and caring and willing to listen and serve.

Formal attire or shaming for stupid questions. Let’s be ourselves and remember that we’re all in this together!

Want to Join Us?

Take your land investing business to the next level with endless value packed into this 2-day event!

So...what's the investment?

Make sure to apply today before all the tickets are gone!

Don't miss out on something great.



Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any expertise to share, and I can’t think of a problem for the hot seat. Should I still attend?

I don’t believe you! I’m sure you have specialized knowledge that will help the group. You’ve built a business, and that isn’t easy. And we all have struggles or problems that could use another set of eyes. I challenge you to think harder.

What’s the cost?

Apply now and the investment is $697! We’re not looking to make a boatload of money — the funds support the cost of the conference, a small profit, and a sizeable donation to charitable causes like Wounded Warriors, Habitat for Humanity, and Missions organizations.

Where is the conference and what

should I wear?

It's going to be at Northland Center in Bloomington Minnesota. 3600 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55431

Business casual is cool, but really just be yourself!

Where should I stay?

The closet hotel is the Hilton with an address of 3900 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55437. It's almost literally across the street. Although, there are TONS of hotels and places to stay all around.

Can I bring my spouse or business partner?

Spouses and business partners are definitely welcome to come! However, you will need to purchase a separate ticket for each individual.

Why are you capping it at 50 people?

To be transparent with you, I've done 4 other smaller scale events like this before-- usually 10 to 12 max. It's a big step up for me and an unknown time commitment. Plus, I want to keep an intimate feel where everyone has the chance to get to know other folks over a 2 day event.

Is food included?

We won't be providing any meals, but we do have a convenient cafe in the building as well as coffee station, flavored water station, and snacks that will be provided.

Who will be speaking?

I don't currently have a "speaking" list because this is a mastermind event. I do have a few moderators in mind who I have spoken to, but first we need to make sure to know who is coming to this event and what they want to get out of it! (Thus why the application is so helpful to understand what you are looking for....)

Why do I need to apply?

We want to keep the Land UnConference small and intimate, so only 50 land investors will be approved to attend the event. Applications will be approved based on your land investing experience, what you can contribute, annual revenue, and if we feel you are a good fit for what we are doing.

Location Details

Conference Location: 3600 American Blvd W Bloomington, MN 55431

Phone: 1 (775) 234 -2058

Email: dave@genfamland.com